The Fun Archaeology



Police Evidences

9 glass plates negatives 18 x 13 cm in a 25,5 x 17,5 cm. France, circa 1950.Black and white Police evidences pictures on glass negatives of a case involving Italian immigrés in france.-A bank certificate, probably fake.-Portrait of 3 persons, probably guilty.-Portrait of 2 babies, probably not guilty.-5 images of different handprints or footprints reproduction.- a fake Italien passport dated 6 June 1951 issued in Paris.- Some black mails in french slangs « Toutes té amis t’envoie leur souhaits de crevez on pas trot tot - que le Jacques t’é bouche ta vieille gueule jaune espèce d’ancienne margoton qui salit touts les gens plus propre que toi. » (All your friends send you their whishes that you would die soon, That Mister Jacques would fill your yellow mouth, you ex- prostitute that put dirt on people cleaner than you)