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Transexual albums

Personal photo albums of a Flemish Belgian transsexual.
The three albums depict his life, how he was raised as a boy, and became a woman in his forties.
Attached is a scrapbook entitled “Zangers,” with a clippings of various favorite musical artists.
Album 1: Typical “horse” cover picture, 29 x 24,7 cm, 20 pages, vintage color prints. The album starts when he is a young man, passionate about horses and includes pictures of his teenage and early adult life.
Album 2: Typical “sad painting” cover picture, 29 x 24,7 cm, 18 pages. Pictures here depict his adult life as a man and first boyfriends.
Album 3: Green fake-leather cover, the 20-page album measures 29 x 24,7 cm. The album starts with pictures of what seems to be a face after an operation, and appears to mark the start of her new life as a woman. Many pictures of her partying and on vacation with her boyfriend.