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Baron Cacao

Mammoth style photo album, 47 cm x 63 cm, titled « Anticosti ». The album describe the journey of Henri Menier to Anticosti Island in Canada on his Baccante Yacht in 1901.Henri Menier, owner of the Chocolat Menier, who’s nickname was « Baron Cacao », one of the richest man of his time in France, bought Anticosti in 1895 and started from this date to develop the island. Oblong Folio in gilt stamped full leather, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt with 42 photographs approximately 28.5 X 39 cm - both vertical and horizontal formats. Includes a portrait of Henri Menier inscribed and signed in black ink by Henri Menier to his close friend Doctor Paul Barbarin. The doctor was a guest of Mr Menier during this expedition. The two mens appear on the photograph #147 titled «Retour d’une chasse à l’ours», both posing with a bear returning from the hunt. Photographer Unknown. Provenance: Acquired directly from the Barbarin’s family.